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TVG Marketing Blog

What’s Your 2020 Story Going To Be?

Monica E. Simmons

December 15, 2020

What’s Your 2020 Story Going To Be?

Recently, a couple of us from The TVG Marketing Services team got all “gussied-up” and attended the annual AAGD/AATC Christmas Reception benefitting Toys For Tots.

Like everything else this year, things at this year’s event were dramatically different from the nearly thirty years we’ve been attending this special celebration.  

Prior to the event all attendees were required to sign what’s become a typical COVID-19 waiver.  We were told to expect to social distance, wear our masks and that our temperatures would be taken at the door.

All of this was fine with us as we were just anxious to see some long-time friends we’d not seen in what felt like forever!

In keeping with the set protocol, a small group of us gathered at one of the tables and reminisced about Christmas parties past.  At one point, a close friend whom we’d formed a Christmas choir with many years prior, stopped by and together we sang a couple of holiday favorites.  

Interestingly enough, no one brought up their sad stories of the past few months although I know that several people in the room had experienced an extremely tough year.  Political talk was kept to a minimum.  In other words, this reception was different in an intimate and special way.

Driving home, I thought about the Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks my mom always stuffed in our stockings at Christmas time.  My sisters and I would savor the roll candy long after the tree and decorations were packed away for another year—saving the cherry-flavored ones (our favorite) for last!

The Lifesavers (from Wrigley) were packaged in a small cute little “book” that you’d open up to reveal twelve different varieties of the hard candies. (Nowadays there are only six in the book -LOL) As kids we’d share the fun, holiday stories on the packaging as if we were actually reading a book. We were so grateful for such a small thing.

As I see the end of 2020 in sight and begin to set goals for the new year, I personally will be striving to be thankful for the good things that did happen this year. After all, what good does it do to complain about what we cannot change? Every day we can be grateful for the small things, the blessings we sometimes take for granted.

My Christmas wish for you is that you’ll be able to do the same.  As we celebrate the beginning of “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, I’m also praying for God’s peace, joy and love to be over you and your family.  

I believe the next chapter in your story will be the best yet!

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