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Grow Your Multi-Family & commercial
Business With Targeted Advertising

40 years of connecting Vendors with PROPERTY management

always within reach of Decision-makers—In print & online

You know your business. We know how to market it!

In Your Face Advertising 
Printed and mailed every sixty days, The Vendor Guide is always close at hand.
We Feel So Used
Currently mailed to nearly twenty-thousand managers, The Vendor Guide loves that we're property management's Go-To Vendor Directory
Texas Proud
The Vendor Guide has directories for: Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio and Greater Houston
Tried & True
Trusted by property managers and the vendors who serve them, The Vendor Guide has been in publication for over thirty-five years.


The Vendor Guide is Property management’s most comprehensive, trusted directory for qualified contractors.  

Founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas, The Vendor Guide has grown from a local publication to a multi-market directory mailed to thousands of management decision-makers throughout the lone star state.

in addition to our printed directory, TVG Clients also appear on designed for multi-family and commercial management professionals, Our website allows Fast, easy access to TVG Advertisers.

One of the unique features on is Bid-Quest, our E-Quoting Program. Bid-quest allows users to select vendors and request various quotes. Managers provide:
* scope of work
* Project timeline
* Photos

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Here's what The Vendor Guide does for our advertisers:

Grows Multi-Family and Commercial Clientele

Keeps vendors in front of decision- makers in print & online

Provides Multiple ways for managers to quickly locate vendors

Creates Eye-Catching, Custom Ad Designs

 publishes directories for Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San antonio and Greater Houston Features Bid-Quest for Fast, Easy online Quotes

Provides additional marketing at TRADE SHOWS & Events

Features special contests & promotions

Posts ongoing Social media promotion on The Vendor Guide pages

Client success Stories

north texas Trees

North Texas Trees, a division of Keane Landscaping, is featured with a three-page ad. Offering complete tree care and maintenance,
this company has been associated with The Vendor Guide in Dallas/Fort Worth since 1997.

Pavement Services

Home of Cone Man, Pavement Services is an asphalt and concrete company which began advertising in the Dallas/Fort Worth Vendor Guide in 1991. The company joined our directory in Greater Houston in 1997.

Taylored Construction, LLC

"Taylord For Your Needs!" is the tagline for Taylored Construction, LLC. This general contracting company has appeared in the Dallas/Fort Worth Vendor Guide since 2017.


A long-time advertiser in The Vendor Guide, Greenforest Termite & Pest Control is a family-owned and operated, full service pest control company founded in 1984. They specialize in bed bug elimination, termites, fleas, ticks, roaches and more.


Greenforest Landscaping has been featured in The Vendor Guide since 2000. This full-service landscaping company has an ad in Dallas/Fort Worth.

1st Choice foundation repair co.

1st Choice Foundation Repair Co. joined The Vendor Guide in Dallas/Fort Worth in 2019. Their two-page ad in our directory highlights the company's commitment to providing quality, warrantied work.

Metroscape Landscape

Featured in the Dallas/Fort Worth Vendor Guide since 2003, the professionals at MetroScape Landscape specialize in serving multi-family and homeowner's associations as well as commercial buildings.


MultiPro Property Solutions offers comprehensive and hassle-free property services through a single point of contact. We place a high value on speed, client ease and savings, and we'll never short you on quality.

Don't just Take our Word for it - Here's what our clients are saying:

Frequently asked questions

Who Receives The Vendor Guide?

Our target audience is multi-family and commercial property managers. Because purchasing decisions are made a various levels, we mail to these busy professionals at every level including:

Onsite Managers & Maintenance Supervisors
Regional, District & Area Supervisors
Condo and Homeowner's Associations
Building Owners & Managers (BOMA)
CPM Designates (thru IREM)
Shopping Malls
& More

We want to keep The Vendor Guide in the hands of decision-makers who have an ongoing need for the products and services featured in our publication.

NOTE: This is a good time to point out that vendor companies who are not current advertisers in The Vendor Guide do not receive our publication. Only Vendor Guide clients are on our mailing list—all others are viable end-users of your products or services.

How can I be sure my ad is reaching potential management clients?

The Vendor Guide is mailed every sixty days directly to property managers throughout Texas. Each book is ink-jet stamped with a special mark reading: Change Service Requested. This tells the Post Master that should The Vendor Guide be non-deliverable for any reason, we are to be notified so that we may trouble-shoot the problem.

Because our mailing list is one of our most valuable assets, we investigate why The Vendor Guide was not delivered and work to update our records. This process costs our team time and money, but it keeps our mailing list current so we're not sending the publication where it's not needed.

What Can The Vendor Guide Do for my company?

The Vendor Guide is true niche advertising. When you invest in advertising in our directory, you're sending a message to property managers that you know and understand the bid-oriented nature of their business.

While we don't promise any client one call or one hundred calls, we know that an ad in The Vendor Guide uniquely positions your company in front of an audience that requires your product or service.

If you need exposure to property management, hands-down—The Vendor Guide is the way to accomplish it!

I Have Outside Reps. Why do I need to advertise in The Vendor Guide?

Short answer: Because The Vendor Guide can be everywhere you're not!

It's simple math—as much as we'd all love to be omnipresent, there's no way your representatives can be in thousands of management offices at the same time. But, here's some great news—The Vendor Guide is everywhere!

With an ad in The Vendor Guide, your business is always there—in the right place and in the hands of people who need your products and services.

What Makes The Vendor Guide so different from other directories?

There's simply nothing else like The Vendor Guide!

We're proud (and humble) to be property management's longest running, printed vendor directory. When we launched in 1999, property managers embraced our online quoting service; Bid-Quest.

Our team is comprised of dedicated, caring professionals who work hard to provide a one-of-a-kind source guide specifically geared for vendors to reach property managers. With years of industry experience, our staff works closely together to deliver the best to our clients and the management community.

Does it cost extra to appear on

No, in addition to their printed ad in our bi-monthly publication, Vendor Guide clients are also featured on as part of their advertising package. Online listings are posted immediately after ad placement is secured so that our clients may begin receiving exposure without waiting for the printed directory to come out.

How do you drive traffic to

We're continually promoting our website through emails and social media channels. One area we focus a great deal of attention on is Bid-Quest, our e-quoting service for property managers.

In addition to selecting specific vendors, these busy professionals can also outline the scope of work and the timeline for the project. Managers appreciate that Bid-Quest allows them to attach photos to their bid requests.

The Vendor Guide team follows up with each Bid-Quest insuring that both our clients and the property manager who requested the quote received the information.

We also use emails and social media to promote:
* Vendors by category
* Seasonal projects
* Relevant industry news
* Trade shows & events
* Our contests
* Special promotions

All of these marketing efforts work together to help keep Vendor Guide clients front and center on a 24/7.

Do I have to design my own ad for The Vendor Guide?

Nope! We've got you covered! Our in-house creative team consists of full-time artists and designers. We'll work closely with you to insure your ad in The Vendor Guide is not only informative but also impactful.

In addition to ad design, our award-winning team can also assist you with captivating full-size trade show displays, logo design, direct mail pieces and much more.

how often do you publish a new vendor guide?

The Vendor Guide is a bi-monthly publication. Here are the issues we print:


We've published The Vendor Guide for over thirty years and know that the old saying: "out of sight, out of mind" holds true when it comes to staying relevant. We want our directory to always be in the forefront when managers are searching for a particular product or service. Our clients benefit from this because The Vendor Guide gives them the frequency of a direct mail piece and the value of a response-oriented directory.

Can I Try The Vendor Guide out for Just one issue?

Our advertising agreements are one year in duration, which means your ad will appear in six consecutive issues of The Vendor Guide.

Here's why:

We've found that consistency is important when targeting property management decision-makers. These busy professionals need to feel confident that the vendors in our publication will be there when they need them. Think of it like this; a manager may not need your services today, but when they see your ad in The Vendor Guide, they'll know where to find you when they do. The best strategy is to keep your company where they can always locate you—in The Vendor Guide and on

What makes The Vendor Guide Different from other publications?


The majority of our team has worked "on both sides of the fence" —this means in property management and also on the vendor side. This experience gives us valuable insight into the challenges both face.

We know that property managers require multiple bids when sourcing vendors and vendors need to position their businesses where potential customers can find them. The Vendor Guide has bridged this gap since 1984!

In addition, our representatives are well known for their active role in:

* Association committees
* Trade shows
* Onsite marketing to property managers
* Special events
* Contest promotion

We believe that whenever we're out representing The Vendor Guide, we're marketing every client in our publication. It's why we tell our clients: Promoting YOU is what we do!

can the vendor guide provide me with some references?

Sure! We're happy to let our satisfied clients share their success stories with you. In fact, we run a testimonial letter from a current advertiser in every copy of The Vendor Guide.  In addition, we also feature a "love letter" from a property management professional in every issue.

We understand there are many places to place your advertising dollar. And, while we never promise any advertiser results, we're happy to have positive testimonials from many clients in The Vendor Guide. We want you to feel confident in your decision to be a part of property management's most trusted vendor directory where you'll receive exposure in print and online!

Ready to put your business in front of thousands of decision makers?

lets Get Started

Dear Business Owner

We hope you'll decide to become of property management's most trusted vendor directory. For over thirty years, we've prided ourselves in publishing The Vendor Guide. It's been humbling and rewarding to know that many of our clients have flourished because of the exposure they've received in our publication.

Some of our advertisers started off with one page of advertising in The Vendor Guide and have added additional pages as their businesses grew. Others clients have expanded their services to include another market. We're pleased to extend discounted rates for multiple ads and multiple markets.

"Response-Mode" versus "Read-mode"

Advertising in The Vendor Guide continues to be a solid value. Because we mail our publication every sixty days, The Vendor Guide has the frequency of a direct mail piece and the value of a response-oriented publication.

Think about it. Managers reach for The Vendor Guide when they're in a "need mode." We're making it easy for potential clients to find your business whenever they need you. It's like always being in the right place at the right time!

When people are looking at magazines or other periodicals, they're in "read-mode." They're reading articles or looking at photographs from events. Unlike "response-oriented" advertising, "read-mode" advertising, while good for awareness, is not as effective in gaining new business. Once they've finished reading a magazine, most people won't pick it up again—regardless of how powerful an ad might appear.

As a response-oriented publication, The Vendor Guide features three easy ways managers can find our clients:

1) Table of Contents: Each category is listed in alphabetical order with the appropriate vendors under each one

2) Category Headers: Located on the top of each page, each category is clearly listed alphabetically

3) The Alpha-Dex: Located at the back of each book is alphabetical listing of the vendors appearing in each issue.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen!

Now is the perfect time to position your company where managers will always find you—in print and online.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and we'll secure your spot in our next available issue. Remember—we place ads in each category based on their size and the date they're secured. You don't want to let a competitor get the jump on you!

Act now and we'll also post your company immediately on

Our pledge to our advertisers:

The Vendor Guide will give your company exposure in print and online to thousands of property management decision makers in your specified market. And, while we never promise one call or one hundred calls, we can safely say that if you do nothing, nothing will happen!

Take action now and let's get your business "sitting pretty" in property management's most trusted vendor directory—The Vendor Guide!

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