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Tips For Texas Summer Watering

Monica E. Simmons

June 30, 2021

Tips For Texas Summer Watering

May 2021 was one of the rainiest months on record for The Lone Star State. Now that we’ve reached June, many of us are looking to the skies, wishing a few showers might come our way and save our lawns from an extremely hot and dry weather pattern.

While it’s tempting to want to give Mother Nature a helping hand by stepping up the number of times we run the sprinklers, over-watering is not only wasteful, it can also harm the turf by stimulating weed growth and encouraging diseases.

Most Texas lawns are rich in clay and require at least an inch of water every week during the summer. Generally, it’s best to aim for a twice-a-week, deep watering schedule where you’ll be wetting the soil three to four inches deep. Sandy soil requires more frequent watering but with less water on those days.

Experts say the best time to water is between midnight and nine a.m. This makes sense because during the heat of the day water evaporates before it can be absorbed into the soil.

If you notice your lawn developing yellow patches, do not increase the amount of water applied as this will only make your problem worse. It’s very possible that you have a sprinkler head issue and should consult a irrigation specialist.

Although it’s always good to have some basic rules of thumb, watering your lawn is more an art than a science. Enlisting the help of a landscaping professional will help keep the guesswork out of your lawn maintenance and ensure things stay green throughout the summer months.

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