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These Tips Are “Plumb” Awesome!

Monica E. Simmons

September 2, 2020

These Tips Are “Plumb” Awesome!

Most property managers are fortunate to have an experienced maintenance team on staff that is able to tackle routine plumbing challenges. The occasional overflowing commode, leaky faucet or garbage disposal are fairly typical in property management. There are times, however, when calling in a professional plumber is the only option. Also, sometimes issues that would seem to be an “easy fix” are best handled by a pro since there could be more to the problem that meets the eye. Here are a few examples of when you should make the call to an experienced plumbing company:

Recurring Main Line Stoppage

When toilets are backing up into tubs and showers, the problem is most likely the main line. Removing these types of blockages will frequently require special equipment, and someone who knows how to use it properly. Once the line is cleared, most plumbing companies have cameras they can use to identify the source of the problem. Sometimes a good hydro-jet cleaning will clear the issue; other times excavation or tunneling may be required. A reputable company will be able to identify and recommend which resolution is best for you.

Hot Water Issues

When your residents or tenants are complaining about not having hot water, it could be a variety of things. The water heater or boiler could be out or not working properly; if the hot water appliance is operating properly, you could have a blockage in the line, or a problem mixing the hot and cold throughout the system. Depending on the cause and extent of the issue many times it can be resolved in-house, or a professional plumber can troubleshoot the source of the problem and make the required repairs.

Shower Valve or Fitting Replacements

In addition to being time consuming and sometimes complex, shower valve replacements often require soldering the fitting. Many properties do not want the liability of having an open flame in or near the wall. Great care and preparation is required in order to prevent any hazardous issues from occurring during this type of installation. An experienced plumbing company will install the proper type of valve safely.

High Water Pressure

You can relate high water pressure to high blood pressure. The higher pressure causes failures throughout the system. If the pressure is within the norm, the system doesn’t have to work as hard and should last longer. High water pressure can result in excessive water bills, excessive underground leaks, blown T&P valves, commode supply lines blowing off, etc. An experienced plumber will help you analyze this problem and recommend the proper pressure reducing valve and location.

Frozen Pipes

In Texas we don't often have to worry about pipes freezing, but we usually have a couple of good freezes each year as a reason to put up the "Freeze Alert" signs. If a pipe does freeze, it can sometimes burst or crack, causing additional damage. Attempting to thaw the lines, or replace pipe and fittings can result in more widespread damage at a cost of more time and money. Calling a professional plumber who can ascertain the extent of the damage saving time and money in the long run.

When you rely on professionals to address your plumbing needs, you know that you are enlisting the help of someone who is experienced in this field. Typically an individual will work a minimum of 4 years as an apprentice prior to becoming licensed. Most plumbing companies also offer 24-hour emergency service which enables property managers to respond to the needs of their residents and tenants quickly when calamity strikes. When it comes to plumbing, enlisting the help of a professional who has the right tools and know-how for the job is always your best decision.

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