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Pest Control is the Best Control

Jacob Evan

July 2, 2020

Pest Control is the Best Control

Apartment living has many great advantages to those seeking to live close to active destinations, or those preferring a short-term living option. While choosing to live in an apartment community can be the right decision, something to remember is that in a multifamily environment you’re not only sharing things like noises and smells but also…pests. The good news is that most property management companies contract with reputable and in some cases, exceptional pest control companies to ensure that their communities are as close to pest-free as possible.

Because apartment units often share utilities, pest have an easier time traveling between neighbors. Of course, pests can move into your home without you knowing by crawling under the front door, sneaking in through sliding doors, or traveling through pipes. Bedbugs are an apartment manager’s worst nightmare and can be spread unknowingly should a resident unwittingly smuggle them in via luggage or secondhand furniture.

Pests can include roaches, wasps, bedbugs, ants, rodents, or raccoons to name a few. Some make their way into an apartment via packages and will stealthily make their home in a unit and spread until action is taken. Managers should be ready to bring in the experts as soon as an infestation is discovered. In addition, managers should also be mindful of what kinds of pests to look out for depending on the season.

With summer upon us it’s important to be wary of perhaps the summer’s most common pest - ants. The United States has more than 700 species of ants and it is crucial to know which you’re dealing with when trying to overcome these summer invaders.

Carpenter ants are known to tunnel through wood and can cause serious harm to structures on a property. They also will build large nests that can harbor over 10,000 workers, and they also have a strong bite. It’s important to remove carpenter ants as soon as they are discovered in order to preserve the structural integrity of your property’s walls and furnishings.

Black ants are tiny scavengers that feed on a variety of sugary or fatty foods such as candy, fruit, grease, and meats. Their nests tend to be small due to their size, which can make them difficult to find. These pests tend to nest in wall voids and decaying wood and can overrun an building without swift action.

The summer can also coincide with the arrival of red fire ants. A common ant species in the U.S., these ants are known for their painful bites and invasive nests. If they happen to nest near a foundation, they often gain access to buildings via cracks. Red fire ants will quickly sting humans when disturbed. Because of their widespread nesting and their violent response, these ants should be dealt with as quickly as possible by a professional.

The summer can be a great time for apartment communities, with many residents enjoying the pools, amenities and social events. Property managers should do everything possible to ensure that ant invasions and other pest incursions are met with decisive action to keep their summertime pest-free.

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