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TVG Marketing Blog

Marketing Like You Mean It! (5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Brand)

Monica E. Simmons

August 7, 2020

Marketing Like You Mean It!

Now more than ever before it’s time to get serious about your marketing strategy! Those who don’t won’t have a fighting chance of succeeding in our ever-changing business environment. And, although we must consider new and innovative ways to promote our businesses, there are still some great ways to stay relevant in the eyes of your customers.

#1. Let Your Clients Know You’re Still Going Strong

Now’s an excellent time to thank your clients for their past support and patronage. A handwritten note, expressing your gratitude for their ongoing support is a wonderful, personal touch. You’ll want to reassure them that you and your team will continue to provide them with same high-quality, responsive service they’ve come to expect from your company.

Remind your clients about your:

• Years of experience or years in business

• Professional organization affiliations

• Liability coverage

• Warranty

And, always include a contact number or email address so that your client can reach you quickly and easily.

#2. Educate Your Clients (& Prospects) How Your Company is Responding To The Coronavirus

It’s a good idea to outline specific measures you’re taking to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Doing so will add a degree of confidence in your commitment to protect your clients, their residents or tenants, as well as your own team.

#3. Freshen Up Your Old Marketing Strategies

Start thinking about things that other companies are doing that stick out in your mind and how to make these ideas your own. While your ideas don’t have to be unique, they need to be specific to your brand.

Gather your team and brainstorm together about innovative ways to make a lasting, positive impression for your company. In this competitive market when people are keeping close tabs on every dollar spent, it’s the things you do differently that will differentiate your company from others.

Here are some ideas your company could offer:

• Client loyalty discounts

• Special discounts for multiple orders

• Free gift card with every new order placed by a certain date

• PPE gift box with customized items featuring your brand

• Stress-reliever package delivered after every completed project (box could include a scented candle, cozy blanket, massager, etc.—accompanied with a personalized thank you note)

Whatever you decide upon, presentation is everything. If you make it fun, people will want to be a part of it—and they’ll tell others, which could result in future business.

#4. Step Up Your Social Media Outreach

Here’s a fact, as of 2019, nearly 80% of Americans had social media profiles—and there’s no doubt that number has grown.

Your new and improved marketing strategy must include offerings online. To be effective, you have to stay active and present.

Some tips:

• Post frequently

• Promote special or limited-time offerings

• Initiate or join conversations

• Utilize sponsored and/or paid advertisements

• Sponsor an online contest with a unique prize

• Update information specific to your area of specialization

#5. Beef Up Your Website

People are hopping on the online bandwagon in droves, which means you need the strongest online presence possible. This will not only build your brand, it will help you gain credibility and attract new customers. Most importantly, it makes your business readily available.

Sources report that internet hits have surged to nearly 70% due to the Coronavirus. Since there is such an obvious increase in online searches, you should take advantage of it!

Some Ways to Boost Your Online Presence:

• Create valuable content

• Research SEO

• Incorporate keywords on your website pages

• Engage in online forums and podcasts

• Make sure your business website is optimized for mobile use

• Ensure the user experience is first-rate

While this is a lot of information, all of it is key to the success of your business during this crucial time. How we pull through it is likely how we’ll be remembered once we’re on the other side of this pandemic.

If you’d like a hand assessing where your company stands in regard to its readiness to move forward, TVG Marketing Services can be a resource for you.

Our experienced team is well versed in assisting our clients in all of the afore-mentioned areas. This is not the time for procrastination, or for a “let’s wait and see how things go” approach.

It’s been said that if you do nothing, nothing can happen. Let’s make an action plan now to take your business to the next level!

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