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TVG Marketing Blog

It’s Autumn A.K.A. “The Perfect Time for Roofing”

Jacob Evan

September 23, 2020

Cheer up! The Texas summer is coming to a close and that means we can finally welcome Autumn. Aside from being a needed reprieve from the oppressive summer heat, fall happens to also be the perfect time to care for your community’s roofing needs. Of course, there’s never a bad time to hire a roofer especially if you’re in a pinch, but there are several reasons why autumn might be a good time for you to consider taking care of any roofing issues or maintenance.

The fall presents nearly ideal weather conditions for any roofing work. It has been proven that new roofing is best installed during cooler temperatures particularly if you’re installing asphalt shingles (the most common type of roofing material). The more temperate weather helps support the thermal sealing of shingles and allows them to adhere more firmly to the roof. Cooler weather is also a boon to the roofing professionals who are able to work more quickly and efficiently.

Autumn is usually bereft of any summer hail storms or the frequent rain of spring. Severe weather is always a concern in regard to your roofing, and accordingly, fall is the ideal time to assess any damage from last seasons’ storms.  Clear skies give you an opportunity to inspect and determine what roofing services will be necessary.

The cold can make shingles more brittle and more likely to break apart when being nailed down. This can greatly impede a project and force roofers to rely on hand nailing shingles instead of utilizing nail guns, increasing expenses. Perhaps more importantly, by installing shingles in the autumn months, you allow plenty of time for the shingles to properly bond to the roof well before the often-wet winter arrives. This can yield the benefit of providing better insulation from any cold, moist conditions.

Completing your roofing projects in the fall can allow you and your residents to reap the benefits of a better insulated home during the winter months. New roofs can lower the cost of heating and help keep your residents warm and happy.

It’s important to remember that waiting for winter or spring will not necessarily result in lower prices or great availability as roofers often refocus their business during those months, or take vacations. If you have any roofing concerns or need to get a bid, it’s well worth your time to take action during autumn.

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