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How to Make Your Pool a Hotspot (Upgrades Guaranteed To Improve Your Community Pool)

Jacob Evan

July 10, 2020

It’s summertime and the water looks inviting! With Texas temperatures heating up, many of your residents will be looking for a place to cool down. Now, more than ever, is the time to make sure your community’s pool and decking are in great shape.

The pool is often the community's centerpiece around which most of your landscaping efforts are focused. It should follow then that the pool, its deck, and the immediate social area, should be lovingly maintained. Here are a few of the potential challenges to evaluate, as well as some ideas for updating your community’s pool area and make it an oasis for your residents.

Most of our pools in Texas take a beating in the summertime, as well as with the weather changes throughout the year. Resurfacing could be the answer you need to keep your pool the sparkling and inviting. Resurfacing provides many benefits. Aside from looking brand new, resurfacing can give your pool a updated or unique look and provide a less abrasive, more comfortable surface for swimmers’ feet. Depending on the desired effect, there are several options to consider when deciding on the best material to use on your resurfacing project.

Standard white plaster is the classic look that can give a pool a deep blue - even more so if you choose to use a colored plaster. The traditional plaster option has the advantage of being incredibly smooth to the touch, and it’s the most affordable. When it’s installed by a quality contractor, you can expect a product that will be long-lasting as long as it’s well maintained. This comes with the caveat:  plaster can change in appearance because of its susceptibility to many chemicals. Its softness also makes it vulnerable to scratches and cracks. RPM Additive can be combined with white plaster to increase its strength and durability and while not a perfect defense against potential harm, it is worth considering.

Pebble Tec is an impressive surface option that applies tumbled pebbles to create a natural looking interior. Once the finish hardens (which takes about 24 hours) the entire surface is cleaned, and a beautiful shine is added to the finished product. Pebble Tec is only available through licensed contractors with that have had specific training. The advantages of Pebble Tec are that it is stronger, longer lasting, and blends well with waterfalls and boulders. This is a great surface option which can be applied to existing pools to create a beautiful new look.

Pool decking can make a swimming pool much more visually appealing, and well-maintained pool decking can be the difference between your barefoot residents enjoying the pool or being injured on a sharp or slippery surface. Check carefully for uneven areas or chipped concrete to prevent tripping hazards. Worn aggregate stone can have sharp surfaces or edges that could scratch or cut a resident's feet. There are many options to consider for upgrading pool decking; concrete coatings, spray decking, stamped concrete overlays, masonry effects as well as stonework. A reputable decking contractor can show you samples to choose the best option for your community. Questions to ask would be: whether the decking is slip resistant, freeze and thaw resistant, is it non-porous, and will it be durable?

The most cost-effective time to request quotes and complete any pool or deck repairs or updates will be late fall or early spring, but evaluating your pool area's needs now will put you a step ahead. If you discover an immediate problem that could carry liability, most pool maintenance and repair contractors can correct any potential hazards in a timely fashion before any accidents can occur.

This summer is the best time to evaluate the condition of your community’s pool and what your options are for the coming year. To speak to an expert about your pool’s future maintenance or remodeling visit and contact a pool  contractor near you.

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