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TVG Marketing Blog

Guidelines for a Safer Community

Jacob Evan

July 28, 2020

Minimizing risk is essential in today’s environment. Because crime can occur on any property, it’s important to be prepared to handle any threat. Partnering with a qualified security patrol or guard service can go a long way toward offering peace of mind to residents, managers and owners alike.

Scheduling regular on-site patrols (either with armed or unarmed personnel) is also a strong deterrent to would-be criminals and helps prevent crimes of opportunity. Security guards offer an extra pair of eyes and ears at all times. Their presence is purposeful and distinct in providing immediate action in a multitude of possible scenarios, from de-escalating a situation to deterring hostility. Patrols and/or guard presence cultivate situational awareness with your residents and help maintain balance.

An experienced firm will also be able to provide consulting services, to ensure your community’s safety concerns are addressed. By preparing ahead of time, and building a strong relationship with a dedicated service, you’ll provide a better quality of life for your residents.

A great patrol or guard service is an amenity that can make your residents feel more comfortable in their homes, but residents also need to be enlisted as partners in adding to their own level of feeling secure. With a few simple precautions—remaining alert, reporting suspicious behavior and using common sense, they can help to ensure a safer community. Here are a few simple suggestions to offer your residents to help boost on-site safety:

* - Never leave your door unlocked – even when taking out the trash.
* - Keep your deadbolt locked any time you leave, and after returning home.
* - Always use your door viewer before opening the door to anyone.  Notify management immediately if it’s broken or blocked.
* - Keep windows closed and securely fastened or use window locks to control the size of the opening, especially at night.
* - Ensure patio door locking mechanisms are in working order and are securely fastened at all times. You may even want to insert a wooden dowel or bar into the sliding track for extra safety.

* - Never label your keys with your unit number. If you lose them, your safety will be at risk.
* - Don’t prop controlled access doors open, such as to your community’s clubhouse or fitness center.
* - Unknown or suspicious persons trying to get into units or common areas should be reported to management immediately, as should burned out bulbs in common areas or malfunctions that cause access gates to remain open for extended periods of time.

If you’d like to talk to a security guard service professional, visit and do a quick search for the experts in your area.

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