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TVG Marketing Blog

Essential Tree Care

January 5, 2021

Oftentimes we associate specific things with winter, be it the holidays or the cold temperatures, but one thing you won’t want to forget about in winter is that it’s the best time to handle your tree care. With fall stripping the leaves from most of the trees, winter presents the perfect opportunity to tackle tree trimming that needs to be done in addition to managing any other issues that become visible when the trees are bare.

Mistletoe may be a good way to get a kiss on New Year’s Eve, but it’s certainly not something to leave on your trees. “Mistletoe” is actually the common name for a type of parasitic plant that attaches itself to a tree or shrub and drains the water and nutrients from its host. The invasive plant will retain its green appearance in the winter when most other plants are bare or dead. Ironically, this is what led to its reputation as a symbol of fertility in spite of the fact that it extracts life from other plants and is poisonous to animals. Luckily its distinct appearance makes it easy to spot and remove during winter.

Since trees go into dormancy during the winter, you’ll never have a better time to get your pruning done. This is especially important for young trees you might have on your property because you can help establish an aesthetic structure for them as they grow. By partnering with a good tree care specialist, you can ensure that any dead, dying, or diseased branches are removed to preserve your precious trees.

Remember to protect the youngest trees from freezing temperatures with appropriate cover. Younger plants are more susceptible to the temperature changes and the elements and require extra attention. You’ll want to be sure and bring any potted plants to a protected area as well.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to manage the mulch around your trees. Mulch not only provides additional nutrients, but also helps to insulate your tree's root system and maintains moisture. The shape of your surrounding mulch can play a role in optimizing how effective it will be. Any landscaping professional will be able to provide the right type of mulch.

Winter is a great time to get your foliage under control, but regular care is still important to keep your landscaping in order. Weekly or bi-weekly watering is always a good idea when there’s little rain.

If you’re in need of tree care or want to consult with a landscaping professional, visit today!

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