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TVG Marketing Blog

Does Your Property Need a Paint Job? (Thoughts to Consider)

Jacob Evan

August 5, 2020

Texas summers show no mercy to building exteriors, whether its commercial, multi-family or residential. Extended exposure to sunlight and heat can cause both dark and light-colored paint to fade and wear faster than normal, so inevitably your community will need a new coat of paint at some point down the line.

While the primary goal of every property manager is of course, to receive the best price possible when hiring a contractor, be it for paint or other projects, it’s still important to consider several factors when taking bids. Chances are you’ve probably seen a quote that seemed too good to be true. Before you jump on such a bid, make sure you examine all aspects of the quote to safeguard against any surprises.

For example, if you receive a quote that looks strangely low, you might want to pay attention to the quality of the paint your contractor plans to use. Keep in mind that the lower quality paints require more coats, which takes more time. You aren’t really saving anything if you have to buy twice as much paint and invest in additional labor. Here are a few additional questions to consider before accepting any quote:

* Is the contractor experienced and reputable? Seems like common sense to research the contractors you consider, but many property managers skip this simple step. Best practice is to always check references before having any company perform work on your property. Determining whether or not past customers have been satisfied with a contractor’s finished product doesn’t take much time, and it goes a long way toward providing reassurance that you can count on your contractor to get the job done right.

* While the majority of vendors serving the property management industry know the requirements for working on site, some will still try to avoid having to provide proof of liability coverage and workers’ compensation.  Most reputable contractors will be happy to provide proof of coverage. If an uninsured contractor is injured on your property, or over sprays a car in the parking lot, your management company could end up with the liability for the damages. This can result in higher insurance premiums.

* Make sure your written approval is required for even the smallest change to the scope of work before extraneous charges end up on an invoice. What’s the catch? Obtain a complete, itemized price list of all services and supplies to be used before the work begins. Unexpected costs add up quickly.

Whether you’re taking bids for a large exterior paint, a specialty job, or for make-ready painting, be sure that both you and your contractor are getting a clear picture up front of the services you expect to receive from them, and what you expect your company to be billed for those services. A few extra questions in the beginning could save hours of frustration and prevent surprise costs in the long run.

If you’re in need of a professional paint contractor be sure to visit and and search for an experienced vendor near you.

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