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Coating Options for the Discerning Eye

Monica E. Simmons

October 4, 2021

Coating Options for the Discerning Eye

Transforming your concrete can be an exciting prospect. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and begin a sealcoating project, you may already have an idea of what you’d like your end result to look like, but it’s worth considering some of the many possibilities if you’re not 100% attached to a particular vision. 

A great option is to go with the acid stain which is created by applying an acidic compound after the concrete has been cured. It’s sometimes referred to as colored concrete and many are attracted to unique color and texture possibilities created by the process. This is a good choice for someone with a creative vision. 

Next, you might consider the classic texture. While some may think of the old grey, boring looking concrete, modern concrete resurfacing comes in all kinds of different textures and can be a beautiful addition to your interior design as well as exterior. Knockdown texturing can enhance existing concrete surfaces and create a skid-resistant walking surface. It can also be color sealed in a variety of different colors.  Resurfacing is the tried-and-true solution for repairing cracks or worn concrete and comes with the benefit of being greatly affordable.  

While you wouldn’t want to use it for a pool area, epoxy chips are great if you’re looking to provide a decorative finish to industrial areas like garage floors or storage areas.  

Regular concrete will inevitably crack and stain throughout its life, but the score line style of resurfacing can do a fine job in making diminishing the effect. By working your existing cracks into a custom design, you can turn a negative into a positive and enjoy an aesthetic finish. This is perfect for difficult areas that are prone to cracking. 

Concrete resurfacing specialists will offer different varieties of coating options. Some companies may offer signature finishes or specialize in a certain types of seal coating. It’s worth checking out the contractors in your area to decide which one will be the right choice for your project.  

If you need help finding a concrete coating service be sure and visit www.thevendorguide.comand search for the available contractors near you.



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