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TVG Marketing Blog

Access Gates: What You Need to Know!

Jacob Evan

July 20, 2020

When it comes to amenities, controlled access is usually near the top of the list for most prospective residents. Not only do access gates provide some peace of mind to people, they can also add curb appeal to your community. By limiting entry to only your residents and their guests, access gates can eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of “through traffic”.  And, while there is never a guarantee on safety or security issues, it stands to reason that a crime of opportunity such as auto theft will happen less frequently in a community that is fenced and gated.  If you are maintaining your current controlled access system or looking to add this sought-after amenity to your community in the future, here are some important things to consider when choosing a provider.

Try to find an access control company that specializes in customized solutions for your gated access and perimeter fencing. The company you contract with should also have experience in multi-family and commercial applications. These types of applications require expertise to integrate advancing technology into the most effective solutions for your property.  Access control systems can range from simple to very complex. An effective system requires all parts to function in an integrated fashion, including operators, digital systems, electronics, gates and accessories. If one part of the system is not properly installed or serviced, the entire system can suffer.

When choosing an access control gate professional, be aware of their response time. An access system that is “down” means very unhappy residents and potentially lost leases. You need someone who will be there quickly to get things up and running again. Most reputable access companies feature a 24-hour emergency service. Be sure to learn the specifics of their policies and factor how quickly they can resolve any potential issues. It’s always important to thoroughly check references from a vendor’s current or past clients.

Ideally, your access control vendor will work closely with you to design a system and/or a regular maintenance program that is tailored for your property. Keep in mind that the lowest bid is not always the best choice. You will want to get several bids and if one is significantly lower than the others, there is probably a good reason why. Also, don’t forget to ask about warranty information and what is covered.

Be sure to explore your options when it comes to locating the right company to handle your access control system. Once you do, it can create a partnership that can enhance your marketability and help to insure resident retention. If you’d like to locate access control experts in your area, visit and do a quick search.

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